Feb 8, 2013

Craigslist Kitchen Table, Part 1


Shortly after we moved in I was on the hunt for a new kitchen table. My beautiful new eat-in kitchen deserved better than my 8 year old, faded, fake wood IKEA table.  When I started looking around I knew two things:
                1. I wanted a dark stained pedestal table that look like this one from Pottery Barn.
                2.  I did not want to spend $599 plus tax and delivery. Clearly.

So I set my budget at $100 and stalked Craigslist for a few weeks.  After a few failed attempts at purchasing something, I came across an ad selling a pedestal table and five ladder back chairs.  The table had great detail to it and was in OK shape, but definitely would need some sanding and refinishing (which was fine since I wanted to make it darker anyway).  The best part- they were only asking $55 for everything!

Commence normal Craigslist purchasing process: Convince Bobby that this was THE table and yes we have to go get it TODAY. Get him to cave in see the light.  Borrow in-laws’ big SUV so we can transport the table.  Drive 25 minutes, getting lost only once, to the woman’s house.  Make small talk with seller, hear about her divorce, debt, how she redid the cabinets in her bathroom, and then take a tour of her new bathroom. Yes, I know, Craigslist 101 says to NEVER go into a stranger’s house, but Bobby was with me and I’m pretty sure I could have outrun her while giving Bobby a piggyback ride.  Sorry mom. (Her cabinets did look fabulous, by the way).  So a few minutes of awkward conversation and $55 later the table and chairs were ours! They looked like this:

 I had no real interest in the chairs but I figured I could use them somehow or resell them later down the road. 

After we got everything home it was time to get to work!  Part two tomorrow, including the big reveal.

Update- See part two here.


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